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Schneider Electric

VW3A3616 Schneider Electric communication module Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP, Altivar, 10 to 100Mbps, 2 x RJ45 connectors

VW3A3616 Schneider Electric communication module Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP, Altivar, 10 to 100Mbps, 2 x RJ45 connectors

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The Schneider Electric VW3A3616 is a sophisticated variable speed drive, designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of industrial applications. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this drive belongs to the Altivar 61 range, showcasing Schneider Electric's commitment to cutting-edge technology in the field of motor control.

At its core, the VW3A3616 is a crucial component for motor control applications, providing seamless and precise control over the speed and torque of electric motors. Its robust design ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial environments.

Equipped with advanced technology, the VW3A3616 boasts a comprehensive set of features aimed at optimizing motor control. It supports various motor types, offering flexibility for different application requirements. The drive incorporates state-of-the-art vector control algorithms, ensuring smooth and accurate motor control across a diverse range of operating conditions.

One notable feature of the VW3A3616 is its user-friendly interface, allowing for intuitive and straightforward programming and operation. The drive is equipped with a graphical keypad or a remote display terminal, providing operators with convenient access to critical information and parameters. This ease of use enhances the overall efficiency of setup, commissioning, and maintenance tasks.

Furthermore, the VW3A3616 is designed with a focus on energy efficiency. It includes energy-saving algorithms and features, contributing to reduced energy consumption and operational costs. This aligns with Schneider Electric's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In terms of connectivity, the VW3A3616 is equipped with communication ports that enable seamless integration into industrial automation systems. This facilitates real-time monitoring and control, allowing for a more interconnected and responsive industrial ecosystem.

The drive also prioritizes safety with built-in protective features such as overcurrent and overvoltage protection, contributing to the longevity of both the drive and the connected equipment. This emphasis on reliability and safety aligns with Schneider Electric's dedication to providing solutions that prioritize both performance and protection.

In summary, the Schneider Electric VW3A3616 is a versatile and advanced variable speed drive that combines precision control, user-friendly interface, energy efficiency, and robust safety features. It stands as a testament to Schneider Electric's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for motor control applications in diverse industrial settings.




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