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REG316*4 ABB Protection Relay

REG316*4 ABB Protection Relay

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REG316*4 ABB Protection Relay 

The following device types, the Line Protection REL316*4, the Transformer Protection RET316*4, the Generator Protection REG316*4 and the Control Device REC316*4 comprise the new generation of fully digital protection systems, i.e. the analog- process inputs are converted to digital values immediately after the input transformers and the resulting digital signals are processed exclusively by micro-processors. This Operating Instructions is valid for all four device types. The designation 'RE.316*4' is used as the identification for the device family in the following sections. Because of its compact design, the use of only a few different hardware units, modular software and continuous self-monitoring and diagnostic functions, the RE.316*4 family optimally fulfils all the demands and expectations of a modern protection scheme with respect to efficient economic plant management and technical performance. The AVAILABILITY, which is the ratio between fault-free operating time and total operational life, is certainly the most important requirement a protection device has to fulfil. As a result of continuous monitoring, this ratio in the case of RE.316*4 is almost unity. SIMPLICITY of operation, control and commissioning of the device are achieved by the compact design and the interactive, PC based configuration program CAP2/316. Absolute FLEXIBILITY of the RE.316*4 scheme, i.e. adaptability to a specific primary system or existing protection (retrofitting), is assured by the supplementary functions incorporated in the software and by the ability to assign inputs and outputs with the CAP2/316. Decades of experience in the protection and control have gone into the development of the RE.316*4 to provide the highest degree of RELIABILITY, DISCRIMINATION and STABILITY. Digital processing of all the signals endows the scheme with ACCURACY and constant SENSITIVITY throughout its useful life.






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