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Schneider Electric

ATV71HD37N4Z Schneider Electric Variable speed drive, ATV71, 37kW, 50HP, 380...480V, 64dB, EMC filter, without graphic terminal, CANopen, Modbus

ATV71HD37N4Z Schneider Electric Variable speed drive, ATV71, 37kW, 50HP, 380...480V, 64dB, EMC filter, without graphic terminal, CANopen, Modbus

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The Schneider Electric ATV71HD37N4Z is a sophisticated variable speed drive designed for demanding industrial applications, exemplifying Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the realm of motor control. This drive belongs to the Altivar 71 series, renowned for its high-performance capabilities and advanced features.

Crafted with precision and engineering excellence, the ATV71HD37N4Z offers a power rating of 37 kW, making it suitable for applications where robust and precise motor control is essential. The drive supports a wide range of motor types, facilitating versatility in various industrial setups.

One of the standout features of this variable speed drive is its adaptability to diverse motor control requirements. It incorporates advanced vector control algorithms, ensuring optimal torque and speed control across varying load conditions. This capability enhances the overall efficiency of the connected motor system, leading to energy savings and prolonged equipment lifespan.

The ATV71HD37N4Z boasts an intuitive user interface, featuring a high-resolution graphical display for seamless parameter configuration and monitoring. This user-friendly interface streamlines the setup process, empowering operators to tailor the drive's performance to the specific needs of their application. The drive's compatibility with various communication protocols further enhances its connectivity, facilitating integration into sophisticated control systems.

Safety is a paramount consideration in industrial environments, and the ATV71HD37N4Z addresses this concern comprehensively. Equipped with advanced safety features, including fault detection and protection mechanisms, this drive ensures reliable and secure operation. It conforms to industry standards and regulations, emphasizing Schneider Electric's commitment to delivering products that prioritize both performance and safety.

In addition to its technical prowess, the ATV71HD37N4Z is designed with durability in mind. Robust construction and quality materials contribute to the drive's resilience in challenging operating conditions, providing peace of mind to users in demanding industrial environments.

Overall, the Schneider Electric ATV71HD37N4Z stands as a testament to Schneider Electric's dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for motor control. With its combination of advanced features, adaptability, and focus on safety, this variable speed drive caters to the diverse and evolving needs of modern industrial applications.NEW SEALED



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