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Schneider Electric

ATV320D15N4B Schneider Electric variable speed drive, Altivar Machine ATV320, 15kW, 380 to 500V, 3 phases, book

ATV320D15N4B Schneider Electric variable speed drive, Altivar Machine ATV320, 15kW, 380 to 500V, 3 phases, book

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The Schneider Electric ATV320D15N4B is a variable frequency drive (VFD) that exemplifies advanced technology and precision in motor control applications. Tailored for industrial use, this drive seamlessly integrates into a wide array of systems, offering optimal performance and efficiency. With a commitment to sustainability and energy conservation, Schneider Electric has designed the ATV320D15N4B to be a reliable and versatile solution for diverse automation needs.

At its core, the ATV320D15N4B is engineered to regulate the speed and torque of electric motors, ensuring smooth and precise control. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and software algorithms that enable seamless communication between the drive and connected machinery. This drive stands out for its ability to enhance energy efficiency by optimizing motor speed and reducing unnecessary power consumption, contributing to a greener and more sustainable industrial operation.

Featuring a robust and compact design, the ATV320D15N4B is built to withstand the demands of industrial environments. Its rugged construction ensures durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications across different sectors. The drive is also designed with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, streamlining the integration process and minimizing downtime.

The intuitive user interface of the ATV320D15N4B simplifies operation and configuration. The drive incorporates advanced diagnostic capabilities, allowing operators to monitor the system's performance in real-time and troubleshoot issues efficiently. This contributes to increased reliability and reduced operational disruptions.

With a focus on safety, the ATV320D15N4B incorporates a range of protective features to safeguard both the equipment and personnel. Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and motor thermal protection are among the safety measures integrated into the drive, ensuring a secure operating environment.

In terms of connectivity, the ATV320D15N4B offers compatibility with various communication protocols, facilitating seamless integration into existing automation systems. This flexibility allows for a tailored approach to system design, meeting the specific requirements of diverse industrial applications.

In summary, the Schneider Electric ATV320D15N4B is a cutting-edge variable frequency drive designed to deliver precise motor control, energy efficiency, and reliability in industrial settings. With its robust construction, user-friendly interface, and advanced safety features, this drive represents a cornerstone in modern automation solutions, contributing to the evolution of smarter and more sustainable industries.NEW SEALED



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