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6ES5951-7LD21 Siemens SIMATIC S5, Power supply 951

6ES5951-7LD21 Siemens SIMATIC S5, Power supply 951

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6ES5951-7LD21 Siemens SIMATIC S5, Power supply 951


The Siemens 6ES5 951-7LD21 is a memory module designed for the SIMATIC S5 series, which is a programmable logic controller (PLC) system. Here are some key details about this module:

  1. Memory Functionality: The primary function of this module is to provide additional memory storage for the S5 PLC. It allows users to store and retrieve data, program information, or other relevant data within the control system.

  2. Part Number Structure:

    • 6ES5: Siemens uses this prefix for its SIMATIC S5 series.
    • 951: This part of the number typically indicates the type or function of the module.
    • 7LD21: This is a specific identifier for this particular module. The exact details of this identifier would be found in the technical documentation for the module.
  3. Compatibility: The 6ES5 951-7LD21 is specifically designed for use with the SIMATIC S5 series of PLCs. It may not be compatible with newer PLC series, such as SIMATIC S7, as these use different technologies and communication protocols.

  4. Application: Memory modules in PLC systems are crucial for storing the control program, data, and other information needed for the automation process. The amount of memory in the module can impact the complexity and size of the programs that can be run on the PLC.

  5. Obsolete Technology: It's important to note that the SIMATIC S5 series, including the 6ES5 951-7LD21, is considered an older technology. Siemens has transitioned to newer PLC series like SIMATIC S7. Due to this, finding new or replacement parts for the S5 series may become challenging, and users are often encouraged to migrate to newer PLC systems.

For specific details regarding the 6ES5 951-7LD21, including its technical specifications, limitations, and any application considerations, you should refer to the official Siemens documentation for this module. If you have access to the Siemens Industry Mall or Siemens support resources, they can provide detailed and up-to-date information.




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