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Allen Bradley

5069-OW16 Allen Bradley compact digital output module designed for high-performance industrial automation applications.

5069-OW16 Allen Bradley compact digital output module designed for high-performance industrial automation applications.

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5069-OW16 is a digital output module designed to provide reliable and high-performance control in industrial automation applications. This module is part of the Compact 5000 I/O platform, a series of compact and modular I/O modules developed by Allen-Bradley, a leading brand in industrial automation.

Key features and characteristics of the Allen-Bradley 5069-OW16 include:

  1. Digital Output Capability:

    • The 5069-OW16 module is equipped with digital output channels, providing a means to control external devices such as valves, solenoids, motors, or other digital actuators.
    • It typically offers multiple output channels, allowing for flexibility in configuring and managing various output devices within an industrial system.
  2. Compact Design:

    • As part of the Compact 5000 I/O platform, this module features a compact and modular design, allowing for efficient use of space within control panels and cabinets.
    • The modular nature of the Compact 5000 I/O platform enables users to customize and expand their I/O configurations based on the specific needs of their application.
  3. High-Speed Performance:

    • The module is designed to operate at high speeds, ensuring rapid and precise control of output devices in real-time applications.
    • High-speed performance is crucial in industries where precise timing and synchronization of outputs are essential for maintaining operational efficiency.
  4. Compatibility and Connectivity:

    • The 5069-OW16 is designed to seamlessly integrate with other components of the CompactLogix family or other compatible Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
    • It typically utilizes common industrial communication protocols for easy integration into larger automation systems.
  5. Diagnostic Capabilities:

    • The module often includes diagnostic features that aid in troubleshooting and maintenance. This may include status indicators, diagnostic messages, and other tools to help identify and address issues quickly.
  6. Robust Construction for Industrial Environments:

    • The module is built to withstand the harsh conditions often found in industrial environments, including temperature variations, humidity, and electrical noise.
    • It may comply with industry standards for reliability and durability.
  7. Configuration and Programming:

    • Configuration and programming of the 5069-OW16 are typically performed using software tools provided by Allen-Bradley, such as Studio 5000 Logix Designer.
    • Users can define the module's behavior, set output parameters, and integrate it into the overall control system through the programming environment.

For specific and detailed information about the Allen-Bradley 5069-OW16, including the most up-to-date specifications and capabilities, it is recommended to refer to the official product documentation provided by Allen-Bradley or consult with their technical support.





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