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Allen Bradley

25B-D017N114 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 7.5kW (10Hp) AC Drive

25B-D017N114 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 7.5kW (10Hp) AC Drive

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25B-D017N114 is a variable frequency drive (VFD) designed for efficient motor control applications. This drive is part of the PowerFlex 525 series, known for its versatility and performance in a wide range of industrial settings.

Featuring a compact and modular design, the 25B-D017N114 is well-suited for both simple and more complex motor control tasks. Its compact size allows for flexible installation in various environments, while its modular architecture facilitates easy integration into existing systems.

This VFD is equipped with advanced control algorithms and a user-friendly interface, providing operators with the ability to optimize motor performance and energy efficiency. The drive supports a range of motor types, allowing for versatility in application across different industries.

With a focus on reliability, the 25B-D017N114 incorporates robust hardware components, ensuring a durable and dependable operation. It includes built-in protection features to safeguard the connected motor and the drive itself from potential issues, contributing to overall system reliability and longevity.

The drive supports multiple communication protocols, enhancing connectivity options and making it compatible with various industrial networks. This connectivity feature facilitates seamless integration into larger automation systems, enabling efficient data exchange and control across the network.

Designed for ease of use, the 25B-D017N114 features intuitive programming and configuration tools. The drive supports flexible parameter settings, allowing for customization to meet specific application requirements. This adaptability is a key feature for users seeking precise control tailored to their unique operational needs.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 25B-D017N114 is a versatile and reliable variable frequency drive, offering advanced motor control capabilities in a compact and modular design. Its user-friendly interface, robust construction, and compatibility with different communication protocols make it a valuable asset for a wide range of industrial applications.




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