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Allen Bradley

25B-D017N104 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 7.5kW (10Hp) AC Drive

25B-D017N104 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 7.5kW (10Hp) AC Drive

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Allen-Bradley 25B-D017N104 is a variable frequency drive (VFD) designed to provide precise control over the speed and performance of electric motors. As part of the PowerFlex 525 series, this drive is engineered to deliver flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Motor Control: The 25B-D017N104 is capable of controlling motors with a power rating of up to 17.0 kilowatts (kW). This allows for the regulation of motor speed and torque, providing optimal performance for diverse applications.

  2. Variable Frequency Operation: This drive enables variable frequency operation, allowing for seamless adjustment of motor speed based on the specific requirements of the application. This feature enhances energy efficiency and contributes to overall system optimization.

  3. Compact Design: The drive is designed with a compact form factor, making it suitable for installations where space is a critical consideration. The compact design also simplifies integration into existing systems and control panels.

  4. Integrated Safety Features: To ensure the safety of both equipment and personnel, the 25B-D017N104 incorporates integrated safety features. These may include overcurrent protection, fault detection, and other safeguards to prevent damage to the drive and connected machinery.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The drive is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, typically featuring a digital display and keypad. This allows for easy programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the drive parameters.

  6. Communication Capabilities: Supporting various communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and other industrial networks, the drive facilitates seamless integration into larger control systems. This promotes interoperability and ease of communication between different components within an industrial setup.

  7. Adaptive Control Algorithms: The drive may utilize advanced control algorithms to adapt to changing load conditions, providing consistent and reliable performance across a range of operational scenarios.

  8. Diagnostics and Monitoring: Comprehensive diagnostics and monitoring capabilities are often included, allowing operators to track the status of the drive and connected motors. This aids in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime.

  9. Robust Construction: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the 25B-D017N104 is typically constructed with durable materials, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging conditions.

  10. Compliance with Industry Standards: The drive is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards for performance, safety, and reliability, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of industrial applications.

Before installation and operation, it is crucial to refer to the specific product documentation, user manuals, and guidelines provided by Allen-Bradley to ensure proper setup and usage of the 25B-D017N104 drive.




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