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Allen Bradley

22B-D2P3N104 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 40- 0.75 kW (1 HP) AC Drive

22B-D2P3N104 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 40- 0.75 kW (1 HP) AC Drive

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22B-D2P3N104 is a variable frequency drive (VFD) designed for motor control applications, providing precise control over the speed and performance of electric motors. This model is part of the PowerFlex 40 series, which is known for its compact size and versatility.

This VFD features a power rating of 2.2 kilowatts, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications where moderate motor control is required. Its compact design allows for easy integration into control panels or other confined spaces, optimizing installation flexibility.

The 22B-D2P3N104 utilizes advanced motor control algorithms, enhancing the efficiency of motor operation and minimizing energy consumption. This drive supports various motor types and offers a high degree of adaptability to different motor control needs.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the VFD facilitates straightforward programming and configuration. Its intuitive interface ensures that operators can easily set up and adjust parameters, reducing downtime and simplifying maintenance procedures. The drive's compatibility with various communication protocols enhances its connectivity with other control devices and automation systems, contributing to a seamless integration within a larger industrial setup.

To ensure reliable and robust performance, the 22B-D2P3N104 incorporates protective features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, safeguarding both the drive and connected motor from potential electrical anomalies. Additionally, the drive is designed with attention to thermal management, promoting optimal operating conditions and prolonging the lifespan of internal components.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 22B-D2P3N104 is a versatile and compact variable frequency drive that excels in providing precise motor control for a variety of industrial applications. Its user-friendly interface, compatibility with different communication protocols, and robust protective features make it a reliable choice for enhancing motor performance and overall system efficiency.




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