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Allen Bradley

1794-IE12 Allen Bradley Flex 12-channel analog input module known for its precision and versatility in industrial control applications.

1794-IE12 Allen Bradley Flex 12-channel analog input module known for its precision and versatility in industrial control applications.

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1794-IE12 is a versatile analog input module designed for use in industrial control systems. Known for its reliability and precision, this module is a part of the Allen-Bradley Flex I/O series, which is widely used in various automation applications.

Key Features:

  1. Analog Input Channels:

    • The 1794-IE12 module is equipped with 12 analog input channels, allowing it to accommodate a diverse range of analog signals.
    • Each channel is designed to handle voltage and current signals with high accuracy.
  2. Signal Compatibility:

    • This module supports a variety of input signal types, including voltage and current signals, providing flexibility to integrate with different sensors and devices.
  3. High Resolution:

    • The module offers high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion, ensuring precise and reliable data acquisition from connected sensors or instruments.
  4. Wide Input Range:

    • With a wide input range, the 1794-IE12 is capable of handling signals from various sensors, making it suitable for applications with diverse input requirements.
  5. Modular Design:

    • The Flex I/O series is known for its modular design, enabling easy integration and expansion within a control system. The 1794-IE12 seamlessly fits into this modular framework.
  6. Diagnostic Capabilities:

    • Advanced diagnostic features provide real-time feedback on the module's status, aiding in quick identification and resolution of issues. This contributes to overall system reliability and uptime.
  7. Compatibility with PLC Systems:

    • The 1794-IE12 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), forming a cohesive and efficient control system.
  8. Durable Construction:

    • Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the module features robust construction and industrial-grade components, ensuring long-term reliability in challenging conditions.
  9. Easy Configuration:

    • The module can be easily configured using software tools provided by Allen-Bradley, streamlining the setup process and reducing commissioning time.
  10. Application Versatility:

    • Whether used in manufacturing, process control, or other industrial applications, the 1794-IE12 excels in providing accurate analog input data for critical control and monitoring functions.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 1794-IE12 analog input module is a high-performance and reliable component that plays a crucial role in industrial automation systems, offering precision, flexibility, and ease of integration




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