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Allen Bradley

1784-KTX Allen Bradley ISA BUS PC CARD W/DH+, DH485 & RIO

1784-KTX Allen Bradley ISA BUS PC CARD W/DH+, DH485 & RIO

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1784-KTX is a communication interface module designed for industrial applications, facilitating seamless connectivity and data exchange within a control system. Engineered by Rockwell Automation, this module serves as a key component in the Allen-Bradley product line, contributing to the reliable and efficient operation of industrial automation systems.

At its core, the 1784-KTX is a communication card that enables communication between various devices in a control network. It is known for its robust design and compatibility with a range of communication protocols, making it a versatile choice for diverse industrial settings. The module is often employed to establish connections between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and other devices essential for the control and monitoring of industrial processes.

The 1784-KTX is characterized by its advanced communication capabilities, providing a high-speed and reliable data exchange platform. It plays a crucial role in ensuring real-time data transfer, contributing to the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the control system.

One of the noteworthy features of the 1784-KTX is its seamless integration with Rockwell Automation's control software and programming environments. This integration streamlines the configuration and setup process, enhancing the user experience and reducing the time required for system deployment.

In terms of physical attributes, the module is designed to meet the rugged demands of industrial environments. Its durable construction ensures resilience against environmental factors such as temperature variations, humidity, and vibrations, making it well-suited for deployment in challenging industrial settings.

Security is a paramount consideration in industrial automation, and the 1784-KTX addresses this by incorporating robust security features. These features help safeguard the integrity of data transfer and protect the control system from potential cyber threats.

The 1784-KTX is an integral part of Rockwell Automation's commitment to providing reliable and innovative solutions for industrial automation. Its role in facilitating communication and data exchange contributes to the seamless operation of control systems, ultimately enhancing the productivity and efficiency of industrial processes.




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