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Allen Bradley

1769-OW16 Allen Bradley CompactLogix digital output module with 16 channels, offering flexible control for industrial automation applications.

1769-OW16 Allen Bradley CompactLogix digital output module with 16 channels, offering flexible control for industrial automation applications.

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1769-OW16 is a digital output module designed for use within the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix family of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). This module is a part of the 1769 Compact I/O series, which is known for its compact design and flexibility in industrial automation applications.

Key Features:

Digital Output Channels: The 1769-OW16 module features 16 digital output channels. Each channel can be individually configured for various applications, allowing users to control a wide range of devices such as solenoids, valves, motors, and other actuated components in an industrial system.

Voltage and Current Ratings: This module supports both voltage and current sourcing output types. Users can configure the output channels to provide either 5-30V DC or 10-50V DC voltage sourcing, or 2 mA to 450 mA current sourcing, depending on the specific requirements of the connected devices.

Compact Design: As part of the Compact I/O series, the 1769-OW16 is designed to be space-efficient, making it suitable for applications with limited panel space. Its compact form factor allows for easy integration into control panels and cabinets.

Hot Swappable: The Compact I/O modules, including the 1769-OW16, are hot swappable. This means that the module can be replaced or added to the system without requiring the shutdown of the entire system, providing flexibility and minimizing downtime during maintenance or expansion.

Status Indicators: The module is equipped with status indicators for each channel, providing visual feedback on the state of individual outputs. This feature aids in troubleshooting and diagnostics, allowing operators to quickly identify and address any issues in the system.

Compatibility: The 1769-OW16 module is compatible with the Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 programming environment, simplifying the configuration and programming process for users familiar with Allen-Bradley programmable controllers.

Industrial Durability: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the module is designed to meet industry standards for temperature, humidity, and vibration, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 1769-OW16 digital output module is a versatile and compact solution for controlling digital outputs in industrial automation applications. Its flexibility, compatibility, and durability make it a suitable choice for various manufacturing and process control scenarios.





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