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1769-OF2 Allen Badley dual-channel analog output module designed for precise control in industrial automation, offering high resolution and configurability.

1769-OF2 Allen Badley dual-channel analog output module designed for precise control in industrial automation, offering high resolution and configurability.

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 1769-OF2 is a versatile analog output module designed to provide precise control and monitoring capabilities in a variety of industrial automation applications. As part of the Allen Bradley CompactLogix family, this module is engineered for compatibility with compact and modular control systems, offering seamless integration into complex manufacturing environments.

Key Features:

  1. Analog Output Channels:

    • The 1769-OF2 module typically features two analog output channels, allowing for simultaneous control of two independent processes or devices.
    • Each channel is capable of generating analog signals within a specified voltage or current range, providing flexibility in accommodating diverse control requirements.
  2. High Resolution and Accuracy:

    • This module is designed to deliver high-resolution analog output signals, ensuring precision in controlling connected devices.
    • With its accurate signal generation capabilities, the 1769-OF2 contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of the control system.
  3. Voltage and Current Output:

    • The module supports both voltage and current output modes, enabling compatibility with a wide range of field devices that may require different types of input signals.
    • Configurable output ranges enhance adaptability to various industrial processes and equipment.
  4. Configurability and Programming:

    • Configuration and programming of the 1769-OF2 are typically facilitated through compatible software tools, allowing users to set output parameters and scaling factors according to the specific requirements of the application.
    • The module supports user-friendly programming interfaces, streamlining the integration process into existing control systems.
  5. Diagnostic and Status Indicators:

    • Equipped with diagnostic indicators, the 1769-OF2 provides real-time feedback on the status of each output channel. This feature aids in troubleshooting and maintenance, contributing to the overall reliability of the control system.
  6. Compact Design:

    • The compact form factor of the 1769-OF2 is advantageous for installations where space is a critical consideration. It can be easily integrated into control panels or mounted in close proximity to the equipment it controls.
  7. Compatibility and Connectivity:

    • As part of the Allen Bradley CompactLogix series, the 1769-OF2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with other components of the CompactLogix family, creating a cohesive and efficient control system architecture.
    • The module typically interfaces with the controller via a communication bus, allowing for rapid and reliable data exchange within the control network.
  8. Industrial Durability:

    • Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the 1769-OF2 is constructed with durable materials and is often rated for extended temperature ranges, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by Allen Bradley or contact their technical support.




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