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Allen Bradley

1756-EN2TR Allen Bradley dual-port EtherNet/IP communication module designed for ControlLogix systems

1756-EN2TR Allen Bradley dual-port EtherNet/IP communication module designed for ControlLogix systems

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1756-EN2TR is a versatile and robust communication module designed for industrial control systems, particularly within the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform. As a part of the ControlLogix EtherNet/IP communication modules series, the 1756-EN2TR plays a crucial role in establishing reliable and high-performance network connectivity in a variety of industrial applications.

Key features of the Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2TR include:

Communication Protocol Support:
The module supports EtherNet/IP, a widely adopted industrial Ethernet protocol, ensuring seamless integration with a broad range of devices and equipment in an industrial network.

Dual-Port Design:
Equipped with dual Ethernet ports, the 1756-EN2TR allows for network redundancy and increased reliability. This feature is especially critical in industrial environments where continuous and uninterrupted communication is essential.

Network Redundancy:
The module supports the Device Level Ring (DLR) and Linear Topologies, enhancing network reliability by providing alternative communication paths in case of a network segment failure.

Diagnostic Capabilities:
Advanced diagnostic capabilities enable real-time monitoring of network health and performance, facilitating quick identification and resolution of issues.

Integrated Switch Technology:
With integrated switch technology, the module can be easily incorporated into an EtherNet/IP network, simplifying network configuration and reducing the need for external switches.

Compatibility and Integration:
Designed for seamless integration with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers, the 1756-EN2TR ensures efficient communication between various components in a control system.

Configurable Parameters:
Users have the flexibility to configure parameters such as IP addresses and network settings, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements of the industrial application.

Industrial Durability:
Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the 1756-EN2TR is designed with ruggedness and durability in mind, meeting the demands of diverse industrial settings.

Firmware Upgradability:
The module supports firmware upgrades, ensuring that users can take advantage of the latest features and security enhancements provided by Allen-Bradley through periodic updates.

The Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2TR is a critical component for establishing and maintaining efficient communication within a ControlLogix-based control system. Its features contribute to the overall reliability, performance, and adaptability of industrial networks, making it a valuable asset in the realm of industrial automation and control.




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