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1734-IE4C Allen Bradley POINT I/O 4 Point Analog Input Module

1734-IE4C Allen Bradley POINT I/O 4 Point Analog Input Module

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POINT I/O 4 Point Analog Input Module 

The 1734-IE4C is an analog input module from the Allen-Bradley POINT I/O family of products. POINT I/O modules are designed for distributed industrial control applications. The 1734-IE4C specifically is an analog input module that interfaces with current or voltage signals from field devices, such as sensors or transmitters, and converts these signals into digital data for use by the control system.

Key features of the 1734-IE4C module may include:

  1. Input Types: The module supports various analog input types, such as current and voltage inputs.

  2. Resolution: It may have a specific resolution, indicating the level of detail in the conversion of analog signals to digital data.

  3. Isolation: Some modules have isolation to protect the control system from potential issues in the field.

  4. Configuration: The module may be configured using software tools to specify input ranges, scaling factors, and other parameters.

  5. Communication: The module likely communicates with the control system over a network or backplane, allowing for integration into a larger automation system.

Always refer to the specific product documentation and datasheets provided by Allen-Bradley for the most accurate and detailed information about the 1734-IE4C module, as specifications may vary based on the exact model and version.




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