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Allen Bradley

1734-IE2V Allen Bradley POINT I/O 2 Point Analog Input Module

1734-IE2V Allen Bradley POINT I/O 2 Point Analog Input Module

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POINT I/O 2 Point Analog Input Module





The Allen-Bradley 1734-IE2 is an analog input module from the POINT I/O series, commonly used in industrial automation applications. Here's a brief description:

1. **Analog Inputs:** The module is designed to handle analog signals, allowing it to interface with sensors or devices that provide continuous signals, such as temperature sensors or pressure transducers.

2. **POINT I/O System:** The module is part of the POINT I/O system, which is modular and allows users to customize their control system by adding various I/O modules based on the specific needs of their application.

3. **Resolution and Channels:** Specific details may vary, but typically, the 1734-IE2 provides multiple analog input channels with a certain resolution. The "IE2" designation does not specify the exact number of channels or the resolution, so you may need to refer to the product documentation for precise information.

For detailed technical specifications, wiring information, and programming details, it's recommended to refer to the official documentation provided by Allen-Bradley for the 1734-IE2 module. This information is typically available in datasheets, user manuals, or technical documentation specific to the product model.

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