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Allen Bradley

1606-XLS120E Allen Bradley Power Supply

1606-XLS120E Allen Bradley Power Supply

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Description: The Allen-Bradley 1606-XLS120E power supply module is a switched mode power supply module that has been designed to be ultra small. It is a member of the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1606 product line of power supplies and power supply accessories. The 1606-XLS120E switched mode power supply module can be mounted on a DIN Rail and it uses single-phase input voltage. It is rated for 24 Volts DC and 5 Amps of nominal output power. The 1606-XLS120E power supply module features 100 to 240 Volts AC input voltage at 50 to 60 Hertz, 110 to 300 Volts DC input voltage, and an operating temperature range of -25 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Technical Specifications for 1606-XLS120E

Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number 1606-XLS120E
Product Type Switched Mode Power Supply
Input Voltage 100 to 240 Volts AC
Output Power 120W
Output Current 5A
Terminals Spring Clamp
Signal DC-OK
Output Voltage Adjustable
Size Compact
Heat Generation Minimal
UPC 10781180617406

The 1606-XLS120E power supply is an Allen-Bradley switched-mode power supply that is classified under the 1606 XLS series. The 1606-XLS120E power supply comes with a superior power reserve with the ability to support 150% of the rated power value for up to 5 seconds. With an ultra-small size, the 1606-XLS120E power supply is designed to provide a superior level of efficiency and it has a DC-OK signal with overload LED indicator for easy performance monitoring. The 1606-XLS120E power supply is a high-performance type of 1606 XLS power supply and it comes with a built-in large output capacitor. The 1606-XLS120E power supply comes with the ability to help start motors, charge capacitors and absorb the reverse energy while allowing a unit with a lower wattage class to be easily used with it.

The 1606-XLS120E power supply is designed to have a high level of immunity to transients and power surges and to have low electromagnetic emissions, making the unit suitable for use in nearly every industrial environment. The 1606-XLS120E power supply features a unique quick connect spring clamp terminal that allows for a safe and fast installation process. After the first switch-on, the charging current into the EMI suppression capacitors is disregarded within the first few milliseconds. The unit has been designed to support loads that come with higher short-term power requirements without causing the power supply to be damaged or to be powered down. The DC-OK relay contact allows for the monitoring of the output voltage that is produced by the power supply. The DC-OK signal is independent of the back-fed voltage from the unit that is connected in parallel to the power supply output.

Power Supply, 120 W, 24V DC, No Special Function, Performance Family, Global Input Voltage





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