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Schneider Electric

ATV630D11N4 Schneider Electric variable speed drive, Altivar Process ATV600, ATV630, 11kW, 15hp, 380 to 480V, IP21, UL type 1

ATV630D11N4 Schneider Electric variable speed drive, Altivar Process ATV600, ATV630, 11kW, 15hp, 380 to 480V, IP21, UL type 1

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The Schneider Electric ATV630D11N4 is a robust and advanced variable speed drive designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. This drive exemplifies Schneider Electric's commitment to delivering high-performance and energy-efficient solutions for motor control. With a focus on versatility and reliability, the ATV630D11N4 is engineered to optimize processes and enhance overall system efficiency.

At the heart of the ATV630D11N4 is a powerful motor control algorithm that enables precise speed and torque control. This drive is capable of seamlessly adapting to various load conditions, ensuring optimal performance across a wide range of applications. Its sophisticated design incorporates advanced sensorless vector control technology, allowing for accurate motor control without the need for external feedback devices.

The drive features a user-friendly interface, providing operators with intuitive control and monitoring capabilities. The intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) simplifies parameter setup and adjustment, facilitating quick and efficient commissioning. The comprehensive graphical display provides real-time feedback on system performance, enabling operators to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.

One notable feature of the ATV630D11N4 is its robust communication capabilities. Equipped with multiple communication protocols, including Modbus, CANopen, and Ethernet/IP, the drive seamlessly integrates into various industrial automation networks. This connectivity enhances the drive's flexibility, making it an ideal choice for modern smart factories and Industry 4.0 applications.

To ensure the longevity and reliability of the drive, Schneider Electric has incorporated advanced thermal management features. The ATV630D11N4 is equipped with a sophisticated cooling system that efficiently dissipates heat, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of the components.

Furthermore, the ATV630D11N4 prioritizes energy efficiency through its innovative energy-saving algorithms. By optimizing motor performance and reducing energy consumption during low-demand periods, the drive contributes to overall energy conservation and cost savings.

In terms of environmental responsibility, the ATV630D11N4 complies with industry standards and regulations, reflecting Schneider Electric's commitment to sustainability. The drive is designed with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, aligning with the company's dedication to environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, the Schneider Electric ATV630D11N4 is a cutting-edge variable speed drive that combines precision motor control, advanced communication capabilities, and energy efficiency. Its robust design and user-friendly features make it a reliable solution for a wide range of industrial applications, contributing to enhanced productivity and sustainability in the evolving landscape of industrial automation.




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