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Allen Bradley

2080-LC20-20QWB Allen Bradley Micro820 20 I/O ENet/IP Controller

2080-LC20-20QWB Allen Bradley Micro820 20 I/O ENet/IP Controller

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2080-LC20-20QWB is a compact and versatile programmable logic controller (PLC) designed for industrial automation applications. This controller is part of the Micro820 series, known for its compact size yet powerful capabilities.

Physically, the 2080-LC20-20QWB is characterized by its space-saving design, making it suitable for applications with limited space constraints. Despite its compact form factor, it boasts robust features that make it an excellent choice for various automation tasks.

Equipped with an embedded dual-port EtherNet/IP communication interface, this PLC facilitates seamless communication and integration into industrial networks. This capability is particularly advantageous for applications requiring real-time data exchange and coordination between different devices on the factory floor.

The controller's processing power is driven by a high-performance ARM Cortex-M3 processor, providing the necessary computational capabilities for handling complex automation tasks efficiently. It supports a range of programming options, including ladder logic and function block diagrams, offering flexibility to programmers and system integrators.

One notable feature of the 2080-LC20-20QWB is its support for up to 20 I/O points. This makes it suitable for applications with moderate I/O requirements, allowing for connection to various sensors, actuators, and other field devices. The QWB variant includes 12 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, and 4 analog inputs, providing a versatile range of I/O options.

The PLC supports a variety of input devices, making it adaptable to different sensor and actuator types commonly used in industrial settings. Additionally, it includes features such as high-speed counter inputs, expanding its utility in applications requiring precise timing and control.

Programmability is facilitated through the use of Rockwell Software's Connected Components Workbench, providing a user-friendly environment for developing and maintaining control logic. The software allows for efficient configuration, programming, and monitoring of the controller, streamlining the development process and reducing time-to-market for automation solutions.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 2080-LC20-20QWB is a compact and powerful PLC designed for industrial automation, featuring a dual-port EtherNet/IP interface, a high-performance processor, support for a variety of I/O points, and user-friendly programmability through Connected Components Workbench. Its combination of features makes it well-suited for applications where space efficiency and versatile control capabilities are paramount.




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