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Allen Bradley

1769-OF4 Allen Bradley CompactLogix 4 Pt A/O C and V Module

1769-OF4 Allen Bradley CompactLogix 4 Pt A/O C and V Module

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1769-OF4 is a compact and versatile analog output module designed to seamlessly integrate into programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. This module is part of the 1769 Compact I/O family, which is known for its space-saving design and flexibility in industrial automation applications.

Featuring four analog output channels, the 1769-OF4 is engineered to provide precise and reliable analog signals, catering to a variety of control and monitoring requirements. Its compact form factor is particularly advantageous in installations where space is a critical consideration.

Designed for compatibility with the CompactLogix and MicroLogix controllers, this module ensures seamless integration and efficient communication within the PLC system. The robust construction of the 1769-OF4 contributes to its durability, making it suitable for deployment in challenging industrial environments.

With an emphasis on accuracy, the module employs advanced signal conditioning techniques to ensure that the output signals faithfully represent the intended control parameters. This precision is crucial in applications where tight control over processes is essential for optimal performance.

The 1769-OF4 supports a range of output signal types, providing flexibility in adapting to diverse industrial control scenarios. Whether it's voltage or current signals, the module accommodates various industry-standard output ranges, enhancing its adaptability across different applications.

In addition to its hardware capabilities, the 1769-OF4 integrates seamlessly with Rockwell Software, allowing for streamlined programming and configuration. This facilitates a user-friendly experience for engineers and technicians involved in system setup and maintenance.

The module's design emphasizes ease of installation and maintenance, with features such as hot-swappable functionality, reducing downtime during upgrades or replacements. The diagnostic capabilities integrated into the module further enhance its usability by providing real-time feedback on system status and potential issues.

In summary, the Allen-Bradley 1769-OF4 stands as a reliable and versatile analog output module, offering precision, flexibility, and seamless integration within CompactLogix and MicroLogix PLC systems. Its compact design, compatibility, and robust construction make it a valuable component in industrial automation setups where precise analog control is paramount.




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